According to Pennsylvania state gun law, the falsification of information on applications for gun permits is a third-degree crime that could result in criminal charges — including felony charges.

In theory, this sounds like an easy issue to avoid: all you must do is fill out the information on the application clearly and accurately to avoid being charged with a felony. But in practice, the applications for firearms can be worded in confusing or unclear ways, which can cause people to make unfortunate mistakes.

Below are some examples of common mistakes made on gun applications:

  • Not fully understanding criminal disclosures: You must disclose any criminal offenses committed within a certain period of time on your application. Failing to understand the rules with regard to those disclosures could get you in trouble.
  • Not demonstrating justifiable need: If you are applying for a handgun in Pennsylvania and are not a law enforcement officer, you must demonstrate justifiable need. This can be done in the form of a letter attached to the application.
  • Leaving fields blank: Sometimes people filling out firearm applications will leave fields blank, mistakenly thinking that those fields do not apply to them. It is better to provide too much information than not enough.
  • Providing inaccurate information: If you include any incorrect information on a firearm application, it doesn’t matter whether your intent was to deceive. You have still provided false information on a firearm application and could face criminal charges.

These are just a few examples of mistakes that can easily be made on a gun application. Considering the implications of completing this process incorrectly, it’s worth consulting an attorney when filling out the application.

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