If you’ve just been injured in an accident, you may be feeling eager to find an attorney who can help you maximize the compensation you can receive in an injury claim. While it’s good to be on the lookout for aggressive attorneys, particularly in the field of personal injury, you should be suspicious of any legal professional who tries to impress you with over-the-top promises of riches in your case.

While you could certainly stand to get a significant settlement depending on the circumstances of your case, the attorney’s pitch to you should not focus solely on the dollar amount. It should also include details about the attorney’s experience, skills and passion for helping injury victims seek justice.

Below are some tips to help ensure that you find the right attorney for your personal injury claim:

  • Do some research: It’s understandable to want to get an attorney locked down as quickly as possible so that you can move on with your case and your life, but your choice of attorney is crucial to your success. It’s not a decision to rush. Get as much information as you can about the attorney’s record online and from previous clients.
  • Speak with the attorney: Interview lawyers you are considering and don’t be afraid to ask questions such as How long have you been practicing personal injury law? Which attorney in your office will handle my case? Which verdicts have you secured for clients in the past? The answers to these questions and the way the attorney answers will give you some insight into whether you will be effectively represented.
  • Be wary of big promises: During interviews, look for attorneys who are completely straightforward with you about how the litigation process will work and the strategies you will need to employ to be successful. If a lawyer starts giving you promises of a positive outcome, be hesitant about working with that person.

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