Compassionate Somerset Child Custody Lawyer

What’s best for the children should be the priority

Children are arguably the ones affected most adversely by divorce. They’re innocent bystanders in the often ugly disintegration of a marriage.

That’s why I do my best to mitigate the pain and suffering children may experience in a custody battle by being well prepared and efficient. The faster you and I can get through the family law dispute, the faster your children can begin to regain a sense of stability in their lives.

Physical and legal custody

You can file for custody of your child in Pennsylvania if the child has lived here for at least the prior six consecutive months. In Pennsylvania, the best interest of the child is always the court’s main focus when determining custody and visitation. There are two types of custody arrangements — physical and legal.

Physical custody:

  • Specifies which parent the child lives with and the amount of time each parent gets to spend with the child
  • Is usually based on the child’s age, his or her relationship with each parent, and each parent’s individual circumstances and ability to care for the child
  • Can be awarded to one parent, as in sole custody, or divided between both parents, known as shared custody
  • Also can be divided into primary and partial custody — where one parent has the child the majority of the time, but the other parent has partial custody

Legal custody refers to the parent’s right to make major decisions for the child. In most cases, parents who share physical custody also share legal custody.

Paternity cases

If you are a father who has never been married to your child’s mother, paternity must be established prior to seeking custody or visitation. I am prepared to assist you with that process and handle any legal challenges we may face in your custody battle.

I understand that your children are your priority, and I make it my priority to secure a child custody and visitation agreement that benefits you and your children.

I will help you and your children to get the best outcome possible

During my 15 years in practice, I have helped a number of mothers and fathers to gain custody of their children so the family can begin to heal after divorce.

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