College is a time for studying, self-discovery and, for many, parties. There’s no denying that alcohol consumption is a big part of the college experience for many young people. However, failure to safely or responsibly consume alcohol could damage your college prospects — and even your future career potential.

Public intoxication is one of the most common alcohol-related charges for college students, right after underage alcohol consumption. In Pennsylvania, public intoxication is a criminal offense only if the defendant endangers or inconveniences other people. Still, police officers and medical personnel in the state can take publicly intoxicated people into protective custody and bring them to treatment centers or to their residences.

A run-in with the law, especially if it involves alcohol, is never a good thing, but when it happens while you’re in college, there may be unexpected consequences. Your university will likely be made aware of the alcohol-related offense, and some schools expel students who get into too much legal trouble. Additionally, future employers may perform background checks that lead back to alcohol-related offenses during college.

Expunging certain alcohol-related offenses

Almost everyone will at some point during their college years make a regrettable decision. If that decision led to you getting into trouble with law enforcement over alcohol, it’s wise to seek the assistance of a skilled attorney.

There are certain alcohol-related offenses you can expunge after a certain period of time. For example, if you were convicted of or pled guilty to underage drinking, you may seek expungement of that charge after you complete the sentence. This typically involves paying a fine or performing community service.

You may also expunge other types of alcohol-related offenses, assuming a certain amount of time has passed and you can stay out of additional legal trouble.

Clearing these offenses from your record will prevent a mistake from affecting your future. To learn more about your rights and options when facing an alcohol-related charge, call an attorney at Matthew R. Zatko, Attorney at Law at 814-483-7075 or contact us online.