When you are facing criminal charges, you are best served by a criminal defense attorney familiar with the local court system and its judges and procedures. Local attorneys not only have valuable inside knowledge but are also known to police, prosecutors and judges in the vicinity. They also are members of your community with reputations to uphold. They put this knowledge and reputation to work in your case.

Above all else, you want an attorney who knows the protocol of local courts. Every county court has its own procedures and each judge has his or her policies and preferences. An attorney from outside the vicinity will be learning about these local rules and practices only after they’ve been hired. A local attorney, by contrast, will be able to devote his time to investigating and building your case.

A local attorney is also familiar with local judges and prosecutors and how they conduct their business. Judges are usually known locally for sensitivities and tendencies regarding various types of cases. Prosecutors have similar reputations. A local attorney will have argued cases in front of the same judges several times and will have dealt with the same prosecutors over and over. Having a lawyer with this background of interaction can improve your chances for a successful outcome.

Lastly, local attorneys are members of their community and therefore have incentive to maintain positive reputations. Unprofessional behavior can reflect badly on an attorney’s standing with the courts. Local attorneys have more at stake than out-of-town counsel and are more likely to go the extra mile and work harder on your case.

If you’ve been charged with a crime and require legal representation, you need an experienced local criminal defense attorney to represent you. Matthew R. Zatko regularly represents clients in Cambria, Bedford, Somerset and Indiana counties and is personally familiar with the courts in those counties. To learn more about how my office can assist you in dealing with criminal charges, call 814-443-1631 or contact me online to arrange a free consultation at my Somerset office.