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Pennsylvania Lawmakers Seek to Protect Medical Cannabis Users from Unwarranted DUI Charges

Pennsylvania’s legislative bodies have passed bills designed to help medical marijuana users avoid charges of driving under the influence when there is no evidence that their ability to operate a Read More

Understanding Marijuana Charges in Pennsylvania

Marijuana laws are an evolving and complicated aspect of criminal law. As many states move to decriminalize or legalize marijuana, it can be difficult to keep track of the consequences Read More

Fentanyl Trafficking Now a Priority for Pennsylvania Drug Enforcement

Fentanyl abuse is taking lives and devastating communities throughout the country. While this opioid is used for legitimate medical treatment (by prescription only), the illegal use of Fentanyl has increased Read More

Is Pennsylvania on the Cusp of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana?

It’s been less than five years since Gov. Tom Wolf signed the bill that legalized medical marijuana and just over two years since the first Pennsylvania dispensaries opened. In that Read More

Guilt by Association in Drug Cases

If you’re like most people, hearing the phrase “drug possession” brings to mind someone caught with drugs in their hand, in their jacket pocket or even hidden in their shoes. Read More

Understanding Pennsylvania’s Marijuana Laws

Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program was signed into law in 2016. That means certain people can legally purchase and consume marijuana for medicinal use, but it is still illegal for recreational Read More

If You Provide Drugs to a Person Who Dies, You Face Homicide Charges

Under Pennsylvania law, “Drug Delivery Resulting in Death” (DDRD) is considered a homicide, carrying a potential prison sentence of 40 years — and higher if the victim is under 13. Read More

Can You Get a Marijuana DUI in Pennsylvania?

Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Pennsylvania but it is illegal to operate a vehicle under the influence of the drug, regardless of why you took it. According Read More

A Look at Pennsylvania Drug Crimes, Failures of the War on Drugs

Pennsylvania, like many states across the country, has been dealing with rapidly rising rates of opioid abuse. This problem doesn’t just manifest itself in rising drug-related crime. It’s also apparent Read More

PA Lawmaker Wants to Reduce Penalties for Pot Possession

As marijuana laws have been changing rapidly throughout the country, Pennsylvania has remained steadfast in its opposition to the substance. Who could have imagined that a 71-year-old Republican lawmaker and Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 10 posts